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Hi Andy, so you’ve just finished playing your set at the Soundgarden Closing party, how was it?

Yeah absolutely fantastic, I mean it was funny because I was never scheduled to play here and I’m a huge fan of Eelke’s production so Nick asked if I wanted to come down and play seeing as I live in Ibiza! Nick’s had some amazing guests play for him over the summer such as Hernan Cattaneo and 16 Bit Lolitas so I’m really made up about playing the closing with him tonight! The crowd here really know their stuff, you have Nick Warren fans of all ages here to enjoy the music and you can see that they’re all really getting into it.

You mentioned you live here in Ibiza, when did you first come to the island and what does it mean to you?

Well I grew up in Madrid so it was always in the back of my mind so there’s always been this mystic to Ibiza and with me growing up with a passion for dance music I was always hearing about this place Ibiza. Then around 10 years ago I started coming here on holidays just for the weekend from Madrid to go clubbing and then eventually 3 years ago I actually moved here!

What does Ibiza mean to you as an island now that you’ve been living here for 3 years and got to know the place?

I think your perception changes from when you arrive, when you first get here your eyes are wide open and everything’s amazing and then after some time you start to understand how everything works and get to know the nightlife a bit better, it’s an economy like any other and as you get to know it you find your place on the island, where you fit in amongst everything.

So you’ve played here at Eden Ibiza for the first time tonight for Nick Warren’s Soundgarden closing, tell us your thoughts on the Void sound-system?

Ahhh forget about it, it’s insane! It’s when you’re in the DJ booth and turn up the booth monitors realising you’ve only got it on 4 out of 10 that you really realise how much better it is compared to other clubs! They’ve obviously put a lot of money into the club and it’s got everything you want from a super club!

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