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A few words after her set at Eden Ibiza

Queen of Kiss 100 Charlie Hedges exclusively came to Eden last Friday to play alongside Judge Jules at the renowned Judgement party here in San Antonio, Charlie kindly gave us a few words after her incredible set, telling us about her love for Ibiza, how much she enjoyed playing at Eden and updates us on when we will next see her at the club. Catch the lovely Charlie Hedges back at Eden Ibiza Friday 7th August!

Hi Charlie! How was the set for you? The crowd was absolutely having it!

Do you know what it was so much fun, it genuinely was! It’s my first time playing for Judge Jules so yeah, it’s been an amazing night so far, I’m sweating and that’s always a sign of a good night!

How did you find the sound system, did you find that the quality made a difference?

Oh my god, it’s amazing, the system in there is next level, and the way they have changed it in there it’s incredible, the dancefloor feels really underground I love it.

What’s coming up for you this year, what are your next projects?

Luckily and gratefully I’m fully booked up now until way past New Year’s Eve! I’m back here in Ibiza, then Marrakesh, and literally everywhere in the UK, North, South, East and West.

So you say you’re coming back to the island, when can we expect to see you back at Eden?

I will be back at Eden Friday 7th August with Judgement again, on this occasion it’s been a bit of a rush because I have to go straight to Mallorca to play, however in August I have 3 days to enjoy the island, I will probably be Eden the whole time though, I love it here!

What does Ibiza mean for you?

Do you know what, it sounds ridiculous but Ibiza is my life, there is nothing like Ibiza, if you haven’t been you need to go, it does something to you when you’re here, everyone is here for the music and it brings everyone together, if you treat the island well then it treats you well in return. One of my favourite places in the world without a doubt.

 If you could describe your set in one word what would it be?


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