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Throwback the summer!

May 27th saw the beginning of an exciting journey: Eden Ibiza made its return after a year’s absence with renewed energy and an exciting new project, intending to fulfill a season to live up to all expectations.

One of the hallmarks of Eden’s programming during the summer has been its versatility, the different styles and promoters have succeeded in filling the night of San Antonio with all styles of electronic music to dance to and experience. Colors Festival, Harder Faster Ibiza and Forbidden have offered the best in current trance, Repent and CUBBO have been responsible in providing San Antonio with the finest techno to date, whilst Faux Basement’s opted in serving up a night based solely on underground house.

Hip Hop, R&B and Drum n Bass have also found their place within the walls of Eden Ibiza over the summer, with the likes of Lisa Maffia & Friends, One Nation and Mobb Deep in concert all playing in Ibiza for the first time at the club.

NEXT has played an important role at the club throughout the season, serving as a refuge for emerging DJs and promoters seeking to find their place in Ibiza. Small events and promoters have made a name for themselves by playing at Eden’s newest space. Such, Detroit, Sun City and Nomad are just some of the projects that have been a part of NEXT over the summer.

Midnight Ibiza on Wednesdays have presented Ibiza with one of dance music’s rising stars- Juicy M, the star of a new project that has managed to move the dance floor of Eden weekly through 10 intense sessions.

Since arriving in July to present the Soundgarden Ibiza Sessions, Nick Warren and Eden Ibiza have grown to become an unexpected yet successful match made in heaven, bringing in huge names from the house scene such as Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J. For his part, Judge Jules reined the booth as always with his Judgement party on Fridays back at his favourite club.

Four months of a definitive summer that marked his return to the Ibiza clubbing scene, which saw among others: Judge Jules, Nick Warren, Juicy M, EDX, Marco Bailey, Hernan Cattaneo, Sam Paganini , Third Party, Blinders, Alexander Kowalski, Ken Ishii, Marco Bailey, Uto Karem, Gaetano Parisio, DJ Murphy, Secret Cinema, Eric Sneo, Horacio Cruz, Egbert, Klaudia Gawlas, Spiros Kaloumenos, Charlie Hedges, Futuristic Polar Bears, Mr. Belt & WEZOL, Blinders, Justin Prime, South Central, Sak Noel, David Zowie, Purple Disco Machine, Copyright, SEFF, Tom Novy, Ridney, Jason Bye, Fake Remedy, Flashmob, Lewis Boardman, Kreature, Jon Fitz, Dermot C & Jordan Murphy…

In short the season has been wildly successful and full of incredible musical moments that have re-identified Eden Ibiza as part of Ibiza’s super-club culture.