Eden Ibiza

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So you’ve been playing for Midnight Ibiza most weeks as one of their resident DJs, how has the Midnight Ibiza season been for you?

Yeah it’s been a really good party, the guys have put a lot into their promotion and of course the club is fantastic to play in so that’s been fantastic for me as a DJ, I get a lot of job satisfaction from playing here.

In regards to Ibiza as an island, what does it mean to you?

Ibiza is very special to me, I remember coming here as a clubber back in the day to which then led me to do my first season out here, working for various different promotions and clubs across the island, to me Ibiza is the mecca of dance music and always will be, a very special place that connects all people for one reason which is music.

So what year was it that you first came to Ibiza for your holidays?

I’m going to expose my age now! The first year I came here was in 2007 as a clubber and I was totally in awe of the super-clubs, I remember going to all of the clubs across the island and just feeling so amazed by them, the mass exodus of people dancing to the music that i loved, it’s a dream to be out here playing in Ibiza now but it’s come from a lot of hard work and networking over the years to get here and I’m proud of where I am, this is now my third year working as a DJ here!

You’ve been playing at Eden all summer, what are your thoughts on the new Void sound system?

I think it’s probably the best on the island, I’ve also played everywhere in the UK and I can safely say it’s the best system I’ve ever played on, it’s so clear for the DJing aspect and it doesn’t hurt your ears, the booth monitors are crystal clear which is very important as a DJ.

What’s next for you?

Over the winter I’m going to be locked into the studio working on some projects, I’ve got some good ideas and good concepts. I’ve also got lots of different gigs coming up in the pipeline and hopefully I’ll be back at Eden next summer, I’d love to come back for Midnight!