Eden Ibiza

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Hi Guy J welcome to Eden! Have you played at the club before?

Yes this will be the second time I’ve played at the club, I came and played for Nick Warren Soundgarden a little earlier in the summer!

What do you have in store for us, what can we except from Soundgarden tonight?

Tonight I will be playing back to back with Nick Warren so you should expect a magical sound that will send you to space…and back!

So you’ve played at Eden Ibiza before, what are your thoughts on our sound system here?

The sound is really nice which is good, I really like the space at Eden and you know it doesn’t matter about what type of sound system, if it’s tuned well then boom you’re good to go!

When did you first come to Ibiza and what were your thoughts?

It was 5 years ago that I came here for the first time and it was for work, it was good, amazing to see so many tourists in one small place, the atmosphere is special here, everybody comes here for the parties, the clubbing and the music it’s really nice.

What does Ibiza mean to you?

Ibiza is definitely something you have to tick off your list of things to do in your lifetime!

Any new releases coming up from you?

I’m working on my album which will be out this year, lots of music also coming out on my label, so lots of exciting stuff.

So have you and Nick Warren known each other for a while?

Yes I’ve known Nick for a long time, he’s a figure that I have always respected and he’s a good friend of mine, I’m really happy to be here playing alongside him.