Eden Ibiza

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Hi guys, welcome to Ibiza! Have you ever been to the island before?

This is our first time in Ibiza and honestly it’s amazing, people are nice, the weather is amazing and the music is great, we’re so happy to be here.

So what can we expect from your set tonight?

Tonight we’re playing something along the lines of groovy techno warming up for Mr Sam Paganini, he’s coming in strong with some great techno so we’re going to be warming up for that.

Tell us your thoughts on Eden’s brand new Void system, do you think it makes a difference?

The sound system is absolutely amazing, it’s so clear and it really makes a difference compared to other places we’ve played it’s so much louder and the quality is brilliant.

So you guys are from Canada, would you say the techno crowd over there differs to that in Europe at all?

The techno crowd is different but the Canadian techno crowd is definitely growing, there’s a lot of great techno coming out of Canada and we’re lucky enough to have played at some amazing venues over there which are booking all the right artists.

So this is your first time in Ibiza, what do you guys have planned for your time here?

We’re taking every day as it comes, we’re working hard every day and then also we will be touring around Europe very soon so look out for us!

What future projects do you have lined up?

We have our three track EP called Dark Desires coming out on Sasha Carassi’s label Phobiq, so we’re really looking forward to that as we’ve had some really positive feedback!

And when will we next see you at Eden Ibiza?

We will be back here with Repent next week with Pig and Dan and Marco Bailey, which we’re really looking forward to.