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Interview Sander van Doorn Judgement on fridays in Eden

Sander van Doorn meets Judgement…

When you hear the word “Judgement” – what springs to mind?

“Judgement” immediately reminds me of some of the best Ibiza memories I have had so far!


What was your first experience in Ibiza like? What did you learn?

My first Ibiza experience was when I played at a party for Alex Gold in Privilege. The experience was kind of weird, and wasn’t fun at all. I also got kicked out of the hotel that week. So.. my first experience wasn’t that great, haha! But all of my other trips to Ibiza have been amazing so far. I really love the island and hope to play many more gigs over there.


Is there a particular place in Ibiza that you always make sure you visit?

Whenever I’m on Ibiza, I really like to visit The Old Town / Hippiebeach. It’s about 5 minutes away from Ibiza Town and I really like the atmosphere. This place really lets you see the most beautiful side of Ibiza.


What is the one thing that everyone should pack when they come to Ibiza?

Well if you plan to party hard, you should definitely bring some aspirins with you to get rid of that famous Ibiza hangover!
Describe your ideal night out in Ibiza

I would love to go to one of the Carl Cox night or other techno nights on Ibiza. So the perfect night out in Ibiza would be: pre drinks and some dinner at a lounge club on the beach. After this I would definitely visit a techno gig and party all night!
What is your most embarrassing Ibiza moment?

My most embarrassing moment in Ibiza would be the moment when I thought it would be a good idea to climb onto my own billboard. This turned out to be a very bad idea when I fell out and got all bruised up. I also lost my shoes during this incident, so that must be the most embarrassing moment so far!


Which track makes you think of Ibiza when you hear it and why?

Whenever I hear a track with a saxophone sound in it, it really reminds me of Ibiza. That sound is just something that fits Ibiza really well. I’m also working on a similar track which really gives me a good Ibiza vibe!


What are you most looking forward to about Summer 2016?

I really look forward to the nice weather, the shows/festivals and the happy atmosphere around summer 2016! The vibe around summer gigs is just so much better in my opinion, so I really look forward to my gigs of this summer!


And finally, what sentence should Judge Jules be handing out to anyone found not dancing at Judgement this week?

They should try to climb on top of a billboard, fall off and end up all bruised and losing their shoes just like me!




Judgement Opening 2016

Last week's opening party was easily one of our best yet! Here's what you missed out on. Big thanks to Anton Powers, Jaguar Skills, Son of 8 and Judge Jules for making it such a good one.More of this every Friday night, all summer long… #Ibiza #Music

Geplaatst door Judgement op vrijdag 1 juli 2016


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