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Judge Jules, Eden Ibiza always

Judge Jules was a DJ destined to make his mark in dance music and be a part of Ibiza history. His party Judgement has been one of Ibiza’s longest running and most successful nights, 2015 is no different with the party back at Eden this summer on Friday nights.

How are things going?
I’m very excited to be back in Ibiza. I think the big factor behind the success story of the island is that the season only lasts for about 3 to 4 months, to which it’s then taken away. For that reason it doesn’t get affected by the winds of fashion. Just enough to give us a taste, but not too much for people to get bored.

Tell us about your latest releases and your forthcoming studio projects?
Lots of forthcoming productions, the most immediate of which is ‘Turn On The Lights’ on Coldharbour Recordings, coming out very soon.

People are looking forward to seeing you back in Ibiza. Are you excited too?
It’s impossible not to be excited by Ibiza. There’s really nowhere else in the world that’s similar, with an entire culture and infrastructure dedicated to music and music lovers. In any given week you’ll see at least half of the world’s top DJs on the line ups throughout the island.

What’s your story with Ibiza?
I’ve been playing in Ibiza for roughly 20 years and my Judgement parties are the longest standing DJ residency in Ibiza. When I first came, initially I played for an assortment of different promoters and clubs, but when Eden came along and was given the opportunity to create my own party and identity, I jumped at the opportunity.

Your party is probably the most successful party ever in San Antonio. A blessing, a privilege but are there any responsibilities?
The biggest responsibility is breaking new acts. Certain DJs have priced themselves out of the Ibiza market because the gigantic wages in Las Vegas have stilted the marketplace so badly that Ibiza won’t seem as lucrative. The secret of Judgement’s success has always been identifying the next big names in giving them that first big break on the island.

What can people expect on Friday nights this summer at Eden Ibiza?
Good music, wonderful atmosphere, best sound system and an authentic Ibiza nightclub experience.

Eden has one of the best sound systems on the island, does the sound system make a difference?
I’ve been to all the clubs and played in just about every one of them in Ibiza and Eden doesn’t just have one of the best sound systems, it has the best, by far.

About Ibiza, do you think the local scene has evolved positively? Do you think the scene has lost its special touch or is it inevitable the scene changes to evolve with recent times?
Ibiza is a bit more commercial than it used to be and is a victim of its own massive success, but there is still a huge variety with both a mainstream scene and a more underground alternative. Plus of course there is nowhere else in the world that’s anything like Ibiza’s equal.

Why should we visit your night this summer?
Because the atmosphere is truly special and truly something to tell your friends back home about.