Eden Ibiza

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The techno superstar answers some questions about music, Ibiza and Eden.

Welcome Marco! It’s a pleasure to have you here, you’re a regular here in Ibiza and you have been coming for many years now, what do you like most about the island?

The most!? I like so many things here on the island, not only the music, but the spirit and environment here, it’s such a special place and has been for many many years. It’s not all about partying you know, you have so many nice places here with nice nature, nice food, and nice shiny happy people.

So are you ready to surprise us with a special set tonight?

I always just do my thing but you know it depends on the people and the atmosphere, I try to communicate with the crowd. Sometimes I play a little bit slow or a little bit hard but it always depends, so let’s see!

So you’ve been playing at Eden for many years, what are your thoughts on the new Void sound system?

It’s nice! They’ve changed a lot at the club and it’s a lot better than how it was years ago, of course it’s still in San Antonio and not in the main part of the island but it doesn’t matter the club looks great and it has the capacity to hold great nights.

So you’re originally from Belgium, how does the crowd differ in Belgium to Ibiza?

There are no crowds which are similar to one another, each one is different and even here in Ibiza the crowds are changing every week, if you’re a good DJ then you should communicate with the crowd in order to keep them dancing with new special music and everything, it’s always an adventure.

What future projects do you have lined up?

Well I’m playing for Carl Cox which is always a big one, every weekend I’m playing across all different places around Europe, I go to Brazil at the end of August, I go to America later this year to play some nice festivals like Electric Zoo in New York and working on a lot of releases as always!