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Eden Ibiza talks to Mark Reeve ahead of his Repent set about why he thinks techno is so popular nowadays and what exciting new music he is working on for future release.

Hi Mark welcome to Eden! What have you got lined up for us tonight?

Well tonight I’m playing after Sam Paganini at about 4.30am, it’s going to be a groovy one tonight, something for the dance floor, and I’ve seen videos from the past 3 sessions so I think I know what to do!

This is your first time playing at Eden, have you heard about our sound system as of yet?

Yes! I ‘ve heard it’s pretty good and San told me at the dinner table tonight that it’s very good and I’m looking forward to having good fun with it.

The popularity of techno has increased over recent years, what are your thought on this?

Yeah it has, I think techno is all over the world now whereas it wasn’t before, electronic music is moving from EDM to more underground sounds and people seem to be looking for much harder styles as they’re getting bored of the more commercial stuff.

This probably isn’t your first time on the island, when was your first time in Ibiza?

I remember exactly what year it was, it was 2012 when I had my first big hit with Cocoon, we went for a team meal before going to see Sven and we had a magnificent meal with spot-on red wine, I remember that well, it was a crazy night when Sven and Ricardo were playing so it made me want to come back from then onwards, it’s my 5th time in Ibiza now and I just love it.

What are your future projects?

Well a lot of people know I do a hell of a lot of remixes, I’ve got a new EP out with Pig and Dan on Elevate. Actually I met Adam Beyer on the plane on the way here and told him about two tracks I have which I would love to release on Drumcode so who knows! On top of that I have about 5 remix projects I have to do and I also have my own small label called Subvision which I’ll be working on as well as a new album.

When will we next see you play at Eden?

I probably will be back this summer however I don’t have a date yet so watch out!