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Nick Warren presents SoundGarden every Monday at Eden Ibiza

We caught up with one of dance music’s leading pioneers, an artist who seamlessly and consistently progresses through an ever changing industry, after 20 years in the electronic music scene Nick Warren tells us his thoughts on Ibiza, a bit on the history of dance music and his favourite places to play.

Nick your career spans over 2 decades! Tell us how this makes you feel.

I am a very lucky man, I have seen so many changes in the scene over the years. But still after all those years I get so excited when I hear a great piece of music or play in an incredible club, I am truly blessed and it’s all down to my fans.

Any particular highlights in your time as a DJ?

So many but I think the 90’s in Ibiza were very special, also playing at the Hacienda, Twilo, Womb, all over Argentina, the list could go on and on.

Tell us a bit about your crowd funded ‘The Soundgarden’ album, what was the idea behind doing this?

I wanted to put the album out myself and get my fan base involved, giving them several options like T-shirts, CD’s, Prints, a chance to come to a club night with me etc. It was great fun to work so closely with my fans.

How is been your tour for South America?

South America is arguably my favourite continent to play, I absolutely adore going there. Incredible crowds who love my sound and give me such an amazing experience every time I visit. I love them dearly!

Tell us a bit about your first time on the White Isle, which year was it?

First year was I think 91 and I fell in love with it from that day onwards. My first ever DJ gig there was at Cafe del Mar with Jose Padilla in the days when there were no other bars in that area, it was so magical. I have been going back ever since, the magic never fades.

What does ‘Ibiza’ mean for you?

An island of many faces and a place to see dear friends, dance to good music and eat great food, I’ll never stop coming back.