Eden Ibiza

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We caught up with Sam Paganini prior to his set for Repent at Eden Ibiza to find out his thoughts on Ibiza, the changes in techno and what he has planned for the year.

Hi Sam welcome to Eden Ibiza! What do you have in store for us tonight with your set?

I think probably techno and groovy tech, it’s really special in Ibiza, let’s see the people let’s see the vibe and take it from there!

So you played for us at Repent’s opening party a while back, what are your thoughts on our famous sound system?

Ohh yes! The club is amazing first of all, and then the void sound system is really amazing, probably one of the best in the world, so I’m very happy to play here again!

The popularity of techno seems to have grown over recent years, what are your thought on this?

Yes, techno is passing through a really big stage at the moment, it changes every year and I would say I prefer the techno now than what is was 10 or 15 years ago, it was a bit too fast, not so groovy and not really for girls, now it’s deeper and groovy and I really love it.

Tell us a bit about your first time in Ibiza, was it for work or for fun?

Yes it was many years ago for fun, to be honest a lot has changed here now and people from all over the world are coming here, even the U.S are now having an impact here.

What does Ibiza mean for you?

Well, a lot of parties of course!

Do you get any inspiration from the island at all in regards to your music?

Yes absolutely, and I would also like to one day live on the island for some time for this reason!

What are your future projects, what is coming up for you?

Well no productions just yet, I’m travelling a lot so trying to balance studio time with that, my goal though is to produce a new album, I’m working on it slowly!

When will we next see you at Eden Ibiza?

I will next be playing at Eden for the Repent closing party in September. See you then!