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Utopia Halloween Ball

Sun, 29 @ 23:59

COST: tbc


Hector, Organism,
Gaya Brisa,


Get ready for an extraordinary experience as Utopia and Zoo Movement make their grand comeback, continuing their series of parties in the vibrant paradise of Ibiza.

UTOPIA Fetish Ball is an international line of remarkable fetish fantasy events that take place worldwide, attracting a diverse and beautiful crowd in luxurious locations uncommon to traditional fetish scenes.

Unlike typical fetish events, our guests are individuals looking for a new and exciting experience outside of conventional nightlife.

UTOPIA parties reject public *** and other specific elements commonly associated with fetish events, making them particularly appealing to those seeking novelty and excitement without compromising their boundaries.

While UTOPIA Fetish Ball parties strictly adhere to a distinctive dress code, guests not dressed according to the requirements are not granted entry even though the tickets are purchased, they are not swing parties or mass orgies. Instead, they cultivate a sexually charged atmosphere that promotes freedom, open-mindedness, unity, and flight of imagination.

For dress code inspiration, consider incorporating elements such as leather, metal, latex, boudoir fashion, PVC, cyberpunk aesthetics, or even male kimono in certain colors.

Let your imagination run wild and create a unique and captivating outfit that aligns with the UTOPIA Fetish Ball’s special atmosphere.

Supported by The Zoo Project, everyone is encouraged to release their inner animal and stay true to their unique selves.

Backstage access is limited, offering a truly exclusive experience for a select few. Join us as we create unforgettable moments in Ibiza, where the boundaries of fantasy and reality blend into a journey of self-expression and connection.


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